[Grace Road] Who is CULT?

Who is the CULT? Why are disasters such as the Corona Virus COVID19, famine, droughts, bush fires, floods, etc. befalling the world?
Hear what the Spirit says to the churches

Is Grace Road Church a cult just as the Korean Media SBS, Fiji News or broadcast media agency Al jazeera has aired about Grace Road Church?

Here is the proof based on the word of God who created this entire world; as in, this is based on the Bible, as to why the way of Truth which our Grace Road Church Reverend Ok-joo Shin and the members believe in, is true.

This is a warning and an advice to all Christians. All disasters of the world came from God because of the rebellion of us Christians. We were all rebellious for lack of knowledge of God in accordance with Hosea 4:6.
Our mission is to proclaim God’s voice to all corners of the world and prepare God’s children for the Tribulation and the Second Coming.

Receive the word of the Spirit of Truth. Do not reject the word of the holy God that is spoken through her. Hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Obey the Word. All church leaders shall repent and turn back just like in Job chapter 42. Whether you believe it or not, Reverend Okjoo Shin is the Helper Spirit of Truth who has come to this earth as prophesied in the whole Bible. If you do not heed this warning, all of the words of judgment written in the Bible will begin with the Church.